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Croquis Cafe:
Provides free model reference photos at this page: https://onairvideo.com/model-index
Videos of life model sessions: https://vimeo.com/croquiscafe
Croquis Cafe does not charge for its resources, but donations are encouraged:

Gallery Girls
Virtual model sessions provided during the Shelter in Place due to Covid 19.
Small fee - meeting id and password provided upon payment via PayPal or venmo. Contact Uses Zoom application. Contact Gallery Girls for more information. gallerygirlsla@gmail.com

Here are resources, groups and other helpful links for artists that draw the human figure from life

The Art Models Handbook - Most notably, they maintain a list of drawing groups for artists all over the country, at this link: https://www.artmodelbook.com/figure-drawing-directory.htm

Meet Up : San Francisco Figure Drawing Group - great listing of various drawing groups around the San Francisco Bay Area

Sketchboard Community: another drawing group in San Francisco - I believe their sessions are on periodic Saturdays.

23rd Street Studio - drawing sessions in San Francisco. Great models, incredible set up.

Facebook Groups:

Oddists Drawing

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